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The Ten Tools of Credit Scoring

This course will equip delegates with tools, knowledge and insights needed to :

 - Design scorecard tracking reports

 - Spot when a scorecard is not performing

 - Predict scorecard performance early

 - Set a cut-off appropriately

 - Improve efficiency in analysis

 - Have confidence to fine-tune a scorecard

 - Implement new measures for analysis

The Tools

- Population stability index

- Average score report

- Information Value

- Score profile projection

- Information Entropy

- Gini Coefficient

- Swap-set analysis

- Interaction Index

- Misalignment Index

- Fine Tuning point scores

Course length: 2 days

Who should attend?

Designed for Credit Scoring analysts seeking to analyse scorecard performance effectively and efficiently.

Credit Risk Managers seeking insight into techniques there staff should be using.

Anyone who uses or has a scorecard built for them and wants to validate the results.

The Ten Tools of Credit Scoring: Clients
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