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Scheme Management

Scheme Selection

Your partnership with a domestic, regional or global payment scheme is clearly an extremely important one. Determining which scheme(s) you should partner with can be a complex process and will likely require you to consider both qualitative and quantitative factors, such as acceptance, brand recognition, products and services offered. You will also want to fully understand the net cost of trading with each scheme, which is typically a function of interchange earned, any incentives received and fees paid.

Fees and Incentives

Pinnacle's consultants have a detailed knowledge of the complex world of scheme fees and can help you not only forecast your likely costs of using each scheme, but also negotiate an appropriate set of incentives which reflect your needs and growth potential. We regularly manage scheme selection processes for clients - contact us about our Scheme Deal Support service.

Cost Management

If you're an existing issuer or acquirer keen to better manage your scheme-related costs, or indeed a BIN sponsor keen to minimise the costs you pass through to your program managers, we can also help you via our Scheme Fee Review service.


Examples of how we could help you:

  • Scheme fee audit - saving you money

  • Scheme fee tracking - keeping you on top of your costs

  • Scheme fee forecasting model - better budgeting

  • Scheme selection and incentive agreement negotiation

  • Scheme incentive agreement renegotiation

  • Interchange optimisation - maximising revenue

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