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Scheme Fee Reviews

If you are an issuer or acquirer of payment cards you will inevitably be incurring scheme fees, payable to a domestic switch and/or an international payment scheme. Given they can significantly impact your portfolio costs, understanding them and periodically scrutinising them is very important. Pinnacle has intimate knowledge of scheme fees and has helped numerous clients reduce them, thus allowing greater investment in activities that grow their portfolio.

5 concerns we often hear:

We don't understand our scheme fee invoices - there are charges we don't recognise and they seem too high

We don't know whether we are paying for services we don't use or need

We struggle to forecast scheme fees for budgeting purposes

We don't know how to allocate scheme fees to different products or programs 

We need to reduce our costs


How we can help you:

One-off Scheme Fee Reviews

  • Detailed analysis by scheme, fee type, product, geography and basis of fee calculation​

  • Validation of quantum of fees charged

  • Identification of cost-saving opportunities​

  • Ongoing support to realise cost savings​

Monthly / Quarterly Tracking

  • Trend analysis

  • Identification of newly introduced fees

  • Periodic review of cost saving opportunities

Scheme Fee Models

  • Forecasting models

  • Tracking models

  • Cost allocation models

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