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With ever-increasing pressure on margins, merchant pricing and re-pricing are disciplines that require laser focus. Our consultants have extensive real-world experience of developing sophisticated merchant pricing models that enable acquirers to price with confidence.

We have tools that enable an acquirer to flexibly use different MSC structures (blended, interchange +, interchange ++) and that reflect market nuances, including interchange fee programs and domestic switch economics.

Sales & Distribution

Leveraging multiple routes to market is often essential to build scale and penetrate new merchant sectors. We can help you as an acquirer establish appropriate sales practices and controls, sales incentive and quality assurance programs, whether you are selling direct to merchants, via ISOs, Payment Facilitators or other partners.

Portfolio Management

On-boarding of a merchant is of course a critical event, but ongoing active merchant management is also essential to ensure required levels of engagement and profitability. Reviews of merchants should be routine , both from a compliance and performance perspective, with mitigating actions clearly defined.


Examples of how we could help you:

  • Merchant segmentation and targetting

  • Sales channel and incentive plan development

  • Value proposition development, including VAS

  • Merchant pricing and re-pricing tool development

  • Cost allocation methodology and tool development

  • Portfolio management

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