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Consumer Lending

Product Development

Our consultants have extensive experience of a wide range of consumer lending products, including unsecured and secured personal loans, retail finance products, instalment plans, BNPL and revolving credit cards.

We can support you in developing engaging value propositions for specific customer segments, including co-brand partner propositions, rewards programs and new feature launches (e.g. balance transfers, BNPL).

Product pricing, risk-based pricing, affordability checks, credit limit assignment and management are core areas of expertise.

Sales & Distribution

Whether your product is 'sold' or 'bought' by customers, ensuring they understand its features and pricing will be important, as will the ease with which they can apply.

Developing prospect lists for proactive sales campaigns, ensuring your sales staff have appropriate product knowledge and sales skills are all keys to success.

Portfolio Management

Active portfolio management is particularly important with revolving credit products. Driving cardholder activation, spend stimulation and balance growth, together with proactive and reactive retention campaigns, should be routine disciplines within your customer lifecycle management program. As should risk management via CLI/CLD and re-pricing campaigns .


Examples of how we could help you:

  • Product development and launch

  • Product pricing and profitability modelling

  • Risk based pricing and re-pricing

  • Customer affordability assessments

  • Best practice sales skills

  • Customer on-boarding and early month on book

  • Spend stimulation programs

  • Targeted and general rewards programs

  • Balance and receivables growth

  • Proactive and reactive customer retention

  • Cardholder upgrade campaigns

  • Loan to-up programs

  • Instalment plan promotion campaigns

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