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CVP Development

Our consultants have extensive experience in building and growing profitable prepaid, debit and credit issuing businesses. Our structured support helps both new and existing issuers bring new products to market effectively and efficiently.

The journey starts with CVP development, ensuring customer needs and motivators are addressed with appropriately priced products.

The appeal of candidate products can be tested amongst prospective customers, features sourced and product build accelerated.

Sales & Distribution

Designing the optimal approach to product promotion and sales requires evaluation of both digital and physical distribution channels, together with staff training and careful design of a sales incentive program.

Sales channel effectiveness should be measured taking into account campaign response rates, CPAs and importantly subsequent customer behaviour and profitability.

Portfolio Management

Customer on-boarding of course gets you to 1st base and for transaction products, especially card-based products, profitability will largely be a function of customer behaviour.

We encourage active, segment-specific, portfolio management, using both nurturing and remedial campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.


Examples of how we could help you:

  • Customer segmentation and profiling

  • Candidate product development and customer research

  • Product pricing and profitability modelling

  • Go to market strategy

  • Sales and distribution strategy

  • Customer on-boarding and activation

  • Portfolio management

  • Behavioural segmentation model development

  • Upgrade programs

  • Customer re-pricing

  • Reward program re-engineering

  • Portfolio profitability diagnostic

  • Portfolio migrations (scheme, brand, platform)

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