Payment Scheme Management

Pinnacle has extensive experience of supporting new issuers, acquirers and processors launch with both Mastercard and Visa.

Furthermore, we can help you remain compliant with scheme mandates, minimise the time to launch new programs or expand into new markets and, perhaps most importantly, keep on-top of your scheme-related costs. 


How we can help you...



  • Scheme compliance audits

  • Scheme fee tracking and reviews

  • Interchange tracking and reviews

  • Revenue leakage audits (e.g. DCC)


  • Development of new issuer, acquirer, processor launch plans

  • Project management of scheme certification

  • Expert guidance for scheme interactions


  • Scheme RFP process management

  • Identification of solutions to ensure scheme and regulatory compliance (e.g. SCA, EU2019/518)


  • Understanding interchange

  • Understanding scheme fees