Credit Risk

Optimise Your Risk:Reward

Pinnacle’s Credit Risk practice offers diagnostic health-checks, consultancy and educational services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our credit risk experts have held senior executive positions in retail consumer finance organisations, often as CRO and can operate at both the tactical and strategic level.

Our credit risk expertise spans both consumer and SME lending, the entire credit spectrum and the full range of asset products from mortgages to credit cards to personal loans to payday loans.


How we can help you...


  • Application and behavioural scorecard performance reviews

  • AML policy and procedure audits

  • Underwriting system reviews

  • Roll-rate and bad debt provisioning model health-checks

  • Collections performance reviews

  • Credit risk reporting audits

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  • Application and behavioural scorecard development

  • Credit limit assignment policy development

  • Development of AML policies and procedures

  • Risk-based pricing deployment

  • Risk-based re-pricing deployment

  • Basel III model development

  • Collections strategy development

  • Development of affordability models

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  • Credit reference agency selection and utilisation

  • Support for regulatory permission submissions (e.g. authorisation to trade)

  • Portfolio due diligence

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We offer an extensive range of both public and client in-house credit risk workshops.

See the Pinnacle Education Curriculum for more information.



Minimise Your Fraud Losses

Our Fraud Practice Area offers health-checks, best practice advice and implementation support to retail financial service organisations around the world. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Identification, prevention and mitigation of application, transaction and identity theft fraud


How we can help you...


  • Benchmarking fraud performance against industry and peer group

  • Software performance health check

  • Fraud operational process health checks

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  • Maximising operational capability

  • Mitigating risk in product launches

  • Fraud detection software implementations

  • Fraud scorecard design

  • Third-party supplier management and reviews

  • Application fraud prevention

  • Creating PEPS and Sanctions processes

  • Organisational design to support fraud prevention

  • Recoveries process development

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  • Evaluation of fraud prevention systems

  • Vendor negotiations

  • Law enforcement engagement

  • Scheme relationships and compliance

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  • Understanding the fraud lifecycle

  • Fraud prevention best practice

  • Defining the fraud prevention culture

  • Future proofing against fraud

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