Barry Wong

Senior Advisor

Barry Wong has over 35 years of experience in physical security and fraud risk management areas, the last 17 years were spent in the payment card industry working on fraud risk management, lost prevention and compliance.

Barry started his career at the Hong Kong Police Force, he spent 14 years there primarily focusing on criminal investigations, comprising commercial fraud and anti-drug money laundering investigations. 

In 1997 Barry joined Exxon Mobil as Security Advisor covering the Asia Pacific region but based in China and then in Malaysia, providing physical security, corporate irregularities investigations and VIP protection supervisory services during the 1997 World Petroleum Congress in Beijing. 

In 2001 Barry joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as Senior Manager providing investigative and consulting services in many cases spanning internal thefts to counter competitor espionage  investigations. 

In 2002 Barry joined Mastercard as Director of AP training and card manufacturing physical security compliance. In 2006 he was promoted as VP and Head of AP fraud risk management and compliance. In 2016 he was assigned to tackle China acquirers' non-compliance situation and built a due diligence and continuous monitoring program for China acquirers which has successfully mitigated their fraud and compliance losses.

Since 2019 Barry worked as an independent consultant providing merchant training, engagements in Asia Pacific on merchant acquiring as well as partnership of electronic KYC/AML solutions. 


Barry Wong